Paulo Andre is the new captain. Douglas on the wall

Paulo Andre is the new captain.  Douglas on the wall

Paulo Andre won a medal Skill and agility test He is the seventeenth leader inBBB 22″ (TV Globo). The Olympic athlete celebrated the conclusion of the race and secured a few more days in the fray for a prize of R$1.5 million.

As presented by Tadeu Schmidt, the last place in the race will be right on the wall. Douglas Silva was unable to complete the race before Eliezer was in the hot seat.

Just like last week, the leader could only choose one VIP brother. PA chose Arthur Aguiar and said some kind words to the actor:

I’m going to call someone Brazil saw that I hooked up with a lot during the match, someone I love so much. It’s Arthur. deprivation

The captain continued, “He has some difficulties that he shared with me today and I want to help him in these two days. I want to help him stay here. He is going through a difficult time, but I am confident that he can reach this final. . […] I want to be a part of your development in the coming days,” said the athlete, Referring to the outburst made by Arthur to him earlier.

Here’s how the split turned out:

  • VIP: Paulo Andre, Arthur Aguiar;
  • Xepa: Douglas Silva, Eliezer, Pedro Scobie.

In the first step, each participant had to find a bag with a group of balls inside a ball hole. After that, it was necessary to throw the balls under the crossbar in order to place them in the four spaces at the top of the track. Whoever gets to place the four balls on top of the track and press the button wins the race first. The last place went straight to the wall.

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