Paulinho’s widow, from Nova clothes, lives on a beak: “I’m broke”

Paulinho's widow, from Nova clothes, lives on a beak: "I'm broke"

Paulinho and Elaine have been together for over 16 years (Image: clone)

News Summary:

  • Elaine Soares seeks in court for recognition of her union with the singer for more than 16 years

  • Judgment instructions for the artist’s estate will be issued in March 2022

  • She graduated in law and psychology, and left her career to work with the singer when they became engaged

The widow of the singer Paulinho, the singer of Ropa Nova, is going through financial difficulties after Singer dies of COVID-19 in December 2020. The artist was one of the country’s most beloved performers, and has been filled with many love stories over the years with the band’s songs.

In a conversation with Kim, Elaine Soares Bastos, the singer’s widow, revealed that she has been unemployed for a few months and has no source of income since the singer’s estate has not yet been released by the courts. Struggling to come to terms with the recognition of her 16-plus-year relationship to get into sharing assets with the artist’s children, Twig de Souza Santos and Pedro Paulo Castor dos Santos.

A psychiatrist and lawyer, she has turned to a friend for the past 15 days in an effort to get some extra income. They sold acrylic cups and other utensils at the most popular mall in Rio de Janeiro, the Sahara. “A sidewalk where the sun shines all the time. I can’t spit on the plate I ate because she was so nice to me. He could have said no, but he shared the commission with me,” he revealed.

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She adds, “Since Christmas week is approaching I’ve been waiting for the official inventory and engagement – where I will only be able to follow my life through them, regardless of whether I work or not – I reached out to my friend because I knew she had this store to see if she would give me Payment in 15 days before Christmas. So I can get some money. Because I’m broke.”

But sales were not as successful as she had hoped. “I sold acrylic bowls. But the commission wasn’t even R$50, so it wasn’t worth it. But anyway, I have my mom, I’m going to spend Christmas with her. But I wanted some extra money to buy a souvenir for my nephew, and for my beloved daughter, my nephew’s daughter.” , who is four years old, because the kids charge, like and such,” he assessed.

Unemployed, she says she was working before she started accompanying and working with her ex-husband. “I have two backgrounds: I’m a psychologist, I worked 15 years at Pfizer as an HR manager, and then, I married Paulinho, went to law school. He paid me to do it. Do it girlfriend, you’re good at it,” he said. I took my bar exam ( OAB), it worked. But during the time we were married, he took care of everything, me, him, the house. I traveled with him and then, for work, I didn’t have the availability I needed to accompany him at the places I followed.”

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