Paulinha Leitte celebrates 16 songs in Mega da Virada

Paulinha Leitte celebrates 16 songs in Mega da Virada

She is best known for her participation in “Big Brother Brasil 11”, Businesswoman Paulineha Leit, 34, started 2022 on the right foot. She’s hit 16 corners at Mega da Virada and cemented her coffers a huge amount.

“I still haven’t received the prize money, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Paulinha revealed to Extra. A professional player, she’s already racked up 54 games of chance – which have earned her no less than R$1,000 each – and has the numbers 4 and 14 as favorites when it comes to taking chances.

I pick numbers based on what I see in my daily life, which catches my eye. Then I mix with the numbers that come up more, and other games with those that come up least, and I choose.

Happy with her “business” luck, Paulineha ended up combining business with pleasure by opening a cake business.

“The company started with a joke on my profile, suggesting numbers to my followers. Right from the start, we won. Then I didn’t stop. To this day, I think it’s funny, because I never imagined I would do this. And picking lottery numbers is something I really love to do,” as Celebrate.

Lottery deals, however, are not their only livelihood.

“I have a clothing store and rented apartments. One of them I got”BBB“.Also, I do a lot of advertising work on my personal Instagram. I can’t complain about my luck even a little,” Roraimense admits.

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