Paula Oliveira criticizes the lines of Andre Marquez and Thiago Levert after “Super Danca dos Famosos”

The actress mentioned that the sexual comments at the end of the funk performance weren’t great

Cloning / Globe NetworkPaola Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo funk dances in “Super Dança dos Famosos”

actress Paula Oliveira, participant inSuper celebrity danceShe criticized the speeches given by the presenter of the program James Leverett By guest judge Andre Marquez After her performance to Lyudmila “Rainha da Favela” on the 18th, at the end of the funk show, Leifert asked André Marquez: “Didn’t you focus, Didi?” The announcer continued, “There was a moment when I felt really sweaty.” “Can he talk? The air is hot here,” agreed the guest judge, who added when giving the remark: “Cachorreira.” After comments with sexual connotations, the artist gave an interview to or a balloon He commented on his participation in the program and the situation. “When I participated in ‘Dança dos Rendos’ for the first time, in 2009, I was terrified, and I was terrified of being caught right in the middle of ‘Domingão.’ I had just participated on TV, in 2005. Now, in the ‘Super Dance of the Famous’ “, I feel calm because I can have a little fun. As a good Arian Caxias, I train a lot, but charge less. But it’s not easy. It’s been 13 years!” she said, “There are so many articulated expressions to put in place, I feel pain after the adrenaline is gone.”

“I was surprised by the ratio of my funk show. Andre Marquez and Thiago Levert made comments that weren’t kind, like ‘I got hot’ and ‘What a dance’, they criticized the actress. “But for me, what prevailed were the remarks of the girls present there. Fabiana Carla, for example, described my adorable “tail” in her own words! It’s a moment of freedom to be able to use my body for funk dancing and wrapping, so I stayed for a long time in the series’ young lady drawer. Because of what still needs to change, we cannot fail to glorify the beautiful building that once existed there, the empowerment of women. And on Sunday afternoons,” Paola noted.

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