Paris Saint-Germain coach: “Our team never gave up” – 04/05/2021

Guardiola finally leads Manchester City to his most anticipated decision - 05/05/2021

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, May 4, 2021 (AFP) – Argentine Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino highlighted the handover of the French national team despite being eliminated in the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday after the 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, in the rematch that was played. In England (4 to 1 in overall score).

“We are all sad. We followed what we had planned on the field, the result is the most disappointing. The team did their best, and I am proud of that. We made mistakes in defense, it’s things that happen in football. It’s hard to recover at this level, but the team hasn’t.” Never give up, “the Argentine announced at the end of the match.

Regarding the criticism of his players, Marco Verratti and Andir Herrera, for the referee, the Dutchman Bjorn Kuipers, who, in their opinion, would have insulted the players of Paris Saint-Germain, avoided the controversy.

“Verratti and Ander said it on TV, and I think what they told us. But the most important thing today is that we didn’t get to the final. I didn’t hear anything from the side. UEFA can investigate, but that’s not an excuse.”

The football director of the French Brazilian national team Leonardo was more assured.

“We already talked about it,” said the Brazilian. “I think you found the picture. Obviously I’m not even commenting.”

The coach added, “It is a pity. Actually, I don’t want to base our exclusion on the arbitration issue, but I think there were many situations that may not have been well managed” by the referee.

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