Palmeiras scored against Atlético MG the worst crowd in the Libertadores semi-final – 09/23/2021

Palmeiras scored against Atlético MG the worst crowd in the Libertadores semi-final - 09/23/2021

The match between Palmeiras and Atletico MG Last Tuesday (21) recorded the worst viewing in the history of the Libertadores semi-final in Brazil. According to data from the National Television Board (PNT), SBT had 12 audience points and 20% participation, much lower than the competition has historically had when it reached this stage.

Despite the negative record, the channel managed to take second place for most of the match, surpassing A Fazenda’s record, which was already cause for indoor celebration.

At the same time as the duel, station Silvio Santos lost only to Globo, who aired the telenovela Império and The Masked Singer Brasil and scored an average of 23 audience points and 39% of participation.

In Sao Paulo, the recorded audience for the game was 15 points and 24% participation, while in Rio de Janeiro 9 points and 15% participation. Either way, Globo was also ahead in the top two, with 23 and 27 points, respectively.

In the 2020 competition, when SBT presented River Plate 0×3 Palmeiras, the audience was 16 points and 25% of participation in São Paulo and 9 points and 15% of participation in Rio de Janeiro. In the second leg he averaged 19 points in Sao Paulo, giving the lead in some moments to the SBT team..

PNT manages to score what it calls the national territory average when the match is broadcast through all 15 squares measured by Ibope.

Libertadores lose fans by changing from Globo to SBT

For comparison purposes, the last time Globo broadcast the Libertadores semi-final, with Flamengo and SyndicateIn 2019, the station managed to reach 35 points also using PNT as a reference. In Sao Paulo alone, this standoff reached 30 points, while in Rio de Janeiro the average was 47 points.

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In the history of the competition while being broadcast on Globo, the worst audience ever recorded in Sao Paulo was at the same stage in 2017, when the match between Barcelona (EQU) and Gremio averaged 21 points. For Rio de Janeiro, the negative record was set in 2018, when the match between Palmeiras and Boca Juniors He got 24 points.

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