Oxford chooses ‘Rizz’ as word of the year, a favorite among Generation Z

Oxford chooses ‘Rizz’ as word of the year, a favorite among Generation Z

Word “Rez“, a slang term popular among the American Generation Z that symbolizes style, charm, or the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner, was named Word of the Year for 2023 by Oxford.

The word ‘Rizz’ was chosen from a list of eight words, each representing the spirit or interests of 2023, and reflecting current linguistic trends.

This word, which first appeared in 2022, gained great popularity in June 2023 after the actor… Tom Holland He mentioned it in an interview, creating a series of internet memes.

If you’re skilled at conversation or flirting, you may already have what’s called a “rizz.” Essentially, “Rizz” is an updated version of the “game” idea, characterized by skill, cunning, and the ability to seduce others with charm.

Other finalists

Other finalists for Word of the Year include, “Swifty“It is a term used to describe a loyal follower of singer Taylor Swift.

Summoned“It is a term for instructions given to an artificial intelligence program or algorithm, which influence or determine the content it produces.

actually “sutationship“refers to a romantic or sexual relationship that has not been formally defined or established.

Word “No effect“, the practice of discouraging the purchase of certain products or promoting reduced consumption of material goods, especially on social media.

Beige flagRefers to a personality trait that indicates boredom or lack of originality, especially in a partner or potential partner. It may refer to a characteristic or habit that is very typical, but it is not necessarily good or bad.

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Heat domeIt describes a high-pressure weather pattern that dominates a particular area, trapping a mass of warm air underneath.

Finally we haveSemi-social“It is a term used to define a relationship in which someone, such as a viewer, fan or follower, develops a one-sided feeling of intimacy with a public figure or celebrity, often creating the false impression that they know the famous person as a friend.

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