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The animal was inside a box in the bag

An American couple was surprised when they boarded a flight at an airport in Lubbock, Texas, bound for Las Vegas, Nevada. When Jared and Kristi Owens were notified of the extra weight in the bag, they found the family pet inside the bag.

The Chihuahua, called Iki, was hidden inside a box that was in the couple’s luggage. The airline employee warned the couple that the suitcase was two and a half kilograms more than what is allowed, which is the exact weight of the animal.

Without the possibility of taking the dog on the trip, the couple had to turn to their brother-in-law, who brought the animal back to the family home. In a Facebook post, Jared said that an employee at the company also volunteered to take care of Icky:

“You know it’s going to be an epic trip to Las Vegas when you get to the airport to check out your bags…you’re over 6lbs and Chihuahuas are out of your shoes!!Unreal! Let the pranks begin!! Shout out at Cathy with ##southairlines for amazing customer service!! You offered to watch Icky until we came back!!Come on!!”, he wrote.

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