Ouro Preto's Health Minister rules out a coronavirus outbreak in Cachoeira do Campo

Ouro Preto's Health Minister rules out a coronavirus outbreak in Cachoeira do Campo

False information is circulating on social media, in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram groups, that the Cachoeira do Campo area, located in Ouro Preto (MG), is experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak.

To verify this information, our correspondent contacted Health Minister Leandro Moreira on January 9. Leandro denied that the region was experiencing an outbreak, but highlighted that there was a significant increase in cases, mainly due to crowding during the end-of-year holidays.

“There is no indication of an outbreak of Covid-19 in Cachoeira do Campo. What has actually been happening since 2023, especially after the holidays, is an increase in the number of confirmed cases due to people gathering. The minister said: “We are continuing our tests in the units, specifically to monitor these numbers, but there is no reason for concern.”

Leandro also said that the cases that tested positive in 2023 and now in 2024 are stable and mild, thanks to the widespread vaccination carried out in the region, and the need for vaccination has been reinforced.

“Vaccines are available in clinics and the stability of Covid-19 is due to the vaccine. At the end of 2023, another dose was launched for people over 60 and people with weakened immune systems. He added that these vaccines are available in health units for this target group.

The use of social networks has significantly expanded the scope of communications on the planet, and has the effect of what we call the globalization of real-time information. In a globalized world, it is possible to spread text and images and have them travel across the planet in a matter of seconds. But the main enemy of information in this process is so-called “fake news”, which is false news often created by people with malicious intentions.

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Journal Voz Ativa advises people not to share information without first verifying its authenticity. Fake news threatens the social communication of public bodies, causes fear and destabilizes society.

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