“Our Europe could die”: Macron makes harsh statements before the European elections

“Our Europe could die”: Macron makes harsh statements before the European elections

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French President Emmanuel Macron is very concerned about the upcoming elections for the European Parliament. Next week, Europeans go to the polls to elect new members of the European Parliament, and the results are not positive for the centrist coalition that governs the economic bloc.

“I think we are living in an existential moment in Europe, because I really believe that Europe could die,” Macron said.

The French president, recognizing the possibility of using French forces in Ukraine and acting as a European agitator against Russia, has tried to promote a tougher security doctrine in Western Europe, seeing this as an alternative against the EU's anti-Russian left and right around the bloc.

“A strong Europe is simple: it is a Europe that respects itself and guarantees its security; it is a Europe that accepts that it has borders and protects them; it is a Europe that sees the risks to which it is exposed and prepares for them,” he said at a press conference in Berlin.

“There is a kind of fascination with tyranny that is beginning to appear in our democracies,” Macron said. It is worth noting that the two most powerful political groups at the internal level besides Macron are the group of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leftist anti-European Union, and Marine Le Pen, the far-right anti-European Union.

What is the scenario for the European elections?

The latest opinion poll data shows a shift to the right in the expected results, with far-right, anti-EU parties likely to win a large number of seats.

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The right-wing group “Identity and Democracy” is expected to become the third largest group in the new parliament, winning about 40 seats. This group includes Salvini, the Italian fascist, and Marina Le Pen, the French fascist.

The right-wing extremists and European conservatives and reformists could win between 10 and 20 seats, led by Vox (Spain) and Fratelli d'Italia led by Giorgia Meloni of Italy.

The two largest blocs – the center-right European People's Party and the center-left Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats – are expected to lose their seats.

The “classical” liberals of Renew Europe (RE) and the Greens/European Free Alliance (G/EFA) are also expected to lose their seats.

Research academies show a deeply divided parliament, which could lead to EU inaction and the growth of the far right in various member countries.

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