“Our Dream” tells the story of Claudinho and Bucheca and balances humor and drama. G1 has already seen | Movie theater

“Our Dream” tells the story of Claudinho and Bucheca and balances humor and drama.  G1 has already seen |  Movie theater

After films about country people, such as “2 Sons of Francisco”, and MPB names, such as “Ellis”, “Tim Maya” and “Simonal”, Brazilian cinema turns its lens to Rio Funk, represented by Claudinho and Puchecha. This is the most popular duo in style. The film “Our Dream”, which will be released in cinemas on Thursday (21), shows the path of funk artists who achieved huge success in the 1990s and are still remembered today.

The film captivates the viewer with its good direction, which combines drama and humor. It also has an infectious soundtrack of songs and, above all, Excellent performances from the entire cast. The highlight, of course, is the actors chosen to play the hero duo.

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In an episodic way, the film shows how the friendship between Claudinho (Vinicius “Boca di 09”) and Bocheca (Gustavo Coelho) began in childhood, when they lived in a community in Niteroi (RJ), but they ended up losing touch.

Years later, Puchicha (played by Juan Paiva as he grows up) meets his friend Claudinho (Lucas Pinteado) in another favela. Little by little, they are gaining more and more popularity.

Our story will become a movie…

Claudinho (Lucas Pentedo) and Puccicha (Juan Paiva) performing a scene from the movie “Our Dream” – Photo: Angelica Godinho/Disclosure

“Our Dream” contains the elements that a good music CV should have:

  • A captivating story of rise.
  • Charismatic personalities.
  • Well-constructed scenes (dramatic and comedic);
  • A convincing period reconstruction.
  • Great work on the soundtrack, able to transport the viewer to the period depicted in the production.

The film does not need a lot of resources or inventions to captivate viewers. Everything happens in a light and simple way, as do the melodies, the stage presence and the duo’s charisma.

Show scene of Claudinho (Lucas Pinteado) and Puchecha (Juan Paiva) in the movie “Our Dream” – Photo: Angelica Godinho/Disclosure

Another advantage of “Our Dream” is the good direction of Eduardo Albergaria (“Happy Hour – Verdades e Consequências”). He handles the Claudinho and Buccica show scenes well. The path goes from funk dances in the suburbs of Rio to success on TV shows.

The tenser sequences are also in the right tone. This is the case with the scenes involving the turbulent relationship between Buchicha and his father, Sousa (Nando Cunha). In these moments, the film becomes a little more intense, but it does not lose focus, thanks to the director’s good direction.

The screenplay, which Albergaria also co-wrote, is one of the highlights of the film in its creation Good dialogues between the main characters, in addition to the funniest moments being well developed.

The on-screen humor never seems catchy or boring.

One of the few problems with the movie “Our Dream” is the use of certain costumes that do not match those used at the time the movie was filmed. A good example of this is the football team jerseys worn by the heroes in one scene, models that were released years later. However, slippage does not damage the film much.

Juan Paiva and Lucas Pentedo in a scene from the movie “Our Dream” – Photography: Angelica Godinho/Disclosure

Former BBB Lucas Penteado also does well as Claudinho. The actor always attracts attention when he is on stage and manages to create genuine chemistry with Paiva, which is essential to making the production a success.

In addition to good acting, Juan and Lucas show harmony when singing Claudinho and Buchecha’s songs. On some songs they’re overdubbed, but on others (like “Só Love”), they leave their vocals on and it doesn’t sound bad.

Among the rest of the cast, it is worth highlighting, in addition to Nando Cunha, Tatiana Tiburcio (Doña Etelma, mother of Puchicha). Like her son, she has a complicated relationship with her ex-husband Souza. Actresses Lili and Clara Monique, who play singer friends Rosanna and Vanessa, make little appearances.

Claudinho (Lucas Pentedo) and Buchecha (Juan Paiva) before they became famous in the movie “Our Dream” – Photography: Angelica Godinho/Disclosure

The film “Our Dream” was one of the finalists in the competition to represent Brazil for one of the positions in the Best International Film category at the 2024 Academy Awards, but it lost to the favorite candidate. “Ghost pictures”Written by Kleber Mendonça Filho. Even though it didn’t have much of a chance of being selected, the film can be considered a winner as it rightfully made it to the final list.

After all, the film achieves its goal of telling a compelling story. Anyone who goes to the cinema will not only walk away singing, but will likely feel like Claudinho and Buccica’s dream has come true.

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