Only the smartest mouse challenge solution online

Online photo challenges are becoming a fever all over the world, including Brazil. Some people spend hours playing and groups of friends face amazing challenges in search of pushing their limits. So, here is another way to test your skills. Know that only the smartest can win the Mouse Challenge.

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Mouse challenge made for the smartest


In this challenge, you will be tested in both visual and mental agility, so stay connected, and focus your attention in the next few minutes.

Take a closer look at the image and see if you are able to select the required items. Remember to set aside a moment of wakefulness, in a calm and calm environment, as this will help you a lot.

Find the hidden mice

There is no predetermined age for this challenge, anyone can try it. You need focus, attention and agility.

So here we go: Open your eyes wide, focus and look closely at the image. In the illustration, we have two hidden mice, but since they are of the same tone, it will be difficult to locate each.

To make it more difficult, you will only have 7 seconds solve this problem. But why this time? It’s the average amount it takes people to crack the code hidden in a challenge.

So, did you do it?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations. But if not, we will help you and show you where the mice have been all this time.

The two are hiding in a lion’s hair. You will need to turn the image upside down to make it easier to see more clearly. One is located near the front paw while the other is on the snout.

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This type of a challenge It is fun and exercises the mind. With them you can have more patience, skill and focus to work on your mental activities.

Do more of these challenges, they are great for improving your mental ability and thinking.

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