One of the cheapest destinations you can visit is in Europe: find out which one it is

One of the cheapest destinations you can visit is in Europe: find out which one it is

a Albaniahidden treasure in Europeproving to be a charming and surprisingly accessible travel destination.

In 2023, according to information received from the portal Best DestinationsThis European country, located between Greece and Italy, provided a unique experience for travelers seeking beauty, history and economy.

The story of a culturally rich country

Albania's history is fascinating, marked by a period of isolation under the dictatorship that lasted until 1985. After this opening up, Albania emerged as a little-explored, but full of tourist attractions, destination.

Located alongside Greece and Italy, Albania surprises with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. The Albanian Riviera stands out in particular as a region heaven By the sea.

Its beaches have crystal clear waters and golden sand, and are true hidden gems that offer a quiet and picturesque alternative to the crowded beaches of more popular destinations.

Beach with crystal clear water in Albania – Photo: Viajes National Geographic/Reproduction

In contrast, the Albanian coast is an invitation to relaxation, offering visitors the opportunity to explore isolated beaches and soak up the sunshine.

In addition to BeachesAlbania is home to a rich historical heritage, evidenced by medieval castles, ancient ruins and charming towns.

Berat, known as the “City of a Thousand Windows,” is a prime example, with its whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets telling stories of centuries past.

City of a Thousand Windows – Photo: Itinari/Reproduction

How much does it cost to venture through Albania?

The economic advantage of traveling to Albania is one of the main attractions. With hotels costing around US$25 per night, which equates to approximately BRL$120 in direct conversion, travelers can enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay.

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This cost-benefit ratio makes Albania an attractive choice for those looking to explore Europe economically, without giving up enriching experiences.

In Albania, fast food meal prices in euros can be converted to rials taking into account the exchange rate of 5.36.

Macmail in McDonald's Or Burger King, or a similar combo meal, costs around R$31.09 (€5.80). A cheeseburger costs around R$9.11 (€1.70).

For coffee lovers, a cappuccino costs around R$7.50 (€1.40), while an espresso costs R$5.15 (€0.96).

These values ​​provide a clearer view of the costs of these items in Riyals for travelers who want to plan their expenses while visiting Albania.

It is interesting to note how Albania, after decades of isolation, is now emerging as a promising tourist destination.

Discovering the beauty of the Albanian Riviera, Greek and Italian neighbors found an escape from the crowds and high prices that often characterize other European destinations.

In short, Albania stands out as a country that not only offers a unique experience rich in history, but also an opportunity to explore Paradise beaches And stunning scenery, all at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

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