On Facebook, Zuckerberg refutes the accusations and says the company does not prioritize profit – 10/05/2021 – Marketplace

Last Tuesday night (5), Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, posted a long text on his profile on the social network, commenting Decline in group services. It also defends itself against accusations about how the company handles information provided by its networks It harms the image of teenagers They have of themselves.

According to the executive, the message was sent to company employees. In it, he stated that the accusations that The company prioritizes profit over safety And the welfare of its users is incorrect.

He also said that most employees may not realize how tarnished the company’s image has been.

On the decline in services that occurred on Monday (4), he said it was the worst failure in years and that the company had spent the past 24 hours evaluating how Strengthen your systems Against this kind of problem.

“The biggest concern with an outage like this is not how many people turn to competitive services or how much money we lose, but what it means for people who depend on our services to connect with their loved ones, manage your business or support their communities.

Zuckerberg said it’s hard for employees to see press coverage of the group because it won’t reflect the company they know. The CEO was referring to allegations that Facebook knew its content was hurting teens, making them feel bad about themselves, and that it wasn’t going to solve the problem.

Francis Huggin, a former employee of the companyOn Monday, he gave an interview to the “60 Minutes” program, on the US channel CBS News, in which he revealed that he presented the company’s documents to reporters.

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She, who has been a product manager at Facebook for two years and works on the civil disinformation team, claimed the network knows the damage it’s causing and puts its own interests first. “I’ve seen a lot of social networks, and Facebook is much worse than what I’ve seen before,” Haugen said. “Facebook has shown time and time again that it prefers profit over safety.”

Most of Zuckerberg’s statement referred to this issue. He mentioned actions that, in his opinion, prove that it is not true that the company does not care about users, especially children and teenagers. Among them is the fact that the company is interested in doing research on the perception that this group has networks, and having tools through which parents can control what content their children access.

He added that the group’s research actually shows that many young people feel that Instagram helps them deal better with age-specific issues.

“I am proud of everything we do to continue building the best social products in the world and I am grateful to all of you for the work you do here every day,” he said.

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