On April 12 the UK herd reaches immunity

On April 12 the UK herd reaches immunity

According to University College London (UCL) figures released this Thursday, the United Kingdom has vaccinated more than half of the adult population against COVID-19.

According to these analyzes, population protection against the corona virus will reach 73.4% of the population by vaccination or overcoming the disease, which is the date of the second phase of expansion.

That percentage, according to experts at the university, is enough to say that the herd or group is also known as “herd immunity”, which is when a sufficient number of individuals are protected against a particular infection and prevented from acting as firewalls to achieve virus immunity.

According to the latest official figures, more than 31 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine against Covit-19 and the second dose of more than five million.

UCL expert Carl Preston outlined the level of immunity of a population given that “more than 50% of adults have been vaccinated” and a high percentage are “infected with the virus”.

Newspaper Daily Telegraph, Who has access to this UCL study, exemplifies the effectiveness of the model used by this university because it records real-time deaths, infections, vaccinations, and hospitalizations.

The second phase of the expansion begins in the UK next Monday, reopening essential shops, hairdressers, beauty salons or gyms.

The first phase began on March 29, ended with the recommendation not to leave the house unless it was for essentials, the third phase is scheduled for May 17, and international flights are restarted.

The UK is vaccinating with Bioentech / Pfizer and Oxford / Astrogeneneka products, with Wales launching immunizations with Moderna this week.

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However, British regulators yesterday advised people under the age of 30 not to use the astrogenic vaccine because of the link between thrombi production and reduced cases.

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