Omurama: Health holds D-Day polio vaccination on Saturday

Omurama: Health holds D-Day polio vaccination on Saturday

The Municipal Health Department has begun promoting the national polio vaccination campaign, which will end on June 14 (Friday of next week). Parents and guardians should remain alert and take advantage of the opportunity to vaccinate their children on Saturday (8), when Victory Day for Polio Immunization (as polio is also known) will be held.

According to the Minister of Health, Edson dos Santos Sousa, it is essential that all children between the ages of 1 and under 5 years (specifically 4 years, 11 months and 29 days) receive the “little drop that saves lives.”

“As we have already mentioned, on March 19, 1989, 35 years ago, Brazil confirmed the last case of polio on national territory, even before the last case was recorded in the Americas. We must fight to make this a thing of the past, because polio is a serious disease.” Indeed, it is often disabling and even fatal, but thank God everything can be avoided with just a drop of the vaccine.”

On D-Day, seven health units will operate during special hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.: Posto Central, Guarani/Anchieta, Jardim Lisboa and Vitória Régia, as well as the Lovat, Serra dourados and Santa Eliza regions. “For children under one year old, parents must take them to update their booklet, while children between one and four years old must take a dose of the vaccine,” explains the secretary.

That is why the National Polio Vaccination Campaign is one of the most important and well-known among the population, as indicated by the Immunization Department in charge, Vitoria Todero Uliana.

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“We have 6,146 children in this age group and the goal is to vaccinate at least 95% of this population, which is about 5,840 children. We are counting on the support and dedication of parents and guardians so that we can achieve this goal and maintain our certified status as a wild polio virus-free zone.

(Consulting the project management unit)

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