Olympic Athletes Bring 12,000 Doses of Vaccine to Brazil – 12/05/2021

Olympic Athletes Bring 12,000 Doses of Vaccine to Brazil - 12/05/2021

Olympic, Paralympic, military and technical athletes who will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games will begin vaccination starting today.

This decision comes after the complicated situation created by the announcement of vaccinating only military athletes, despite the fact that they only represent 50% of the Olympic group. Unnecessary wear.

After much coordination between COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee), CPB (Brazilian Paralympic Committee) and the government, Olympic and Paralympic athletes are included

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in partnership with Pfizer and China’s Sinovac, has vaccinated athletes and committees heading to Tokyo for free.

1,814 among the athletes and technical committee members will be immunized. In addition, more than 12,000 doses will be donated to SUS, 4,500 Pfizer and 8,000 Coronavac.

As the largest country in South America, Brazil cannot fail to vaccinate its athletes, as they have already, by following international protocols, 16 countries, including the United States, Canada, Israel, Serbia, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, and China.

Until July, when the Olympic ranking ends, Brazil will have access to 280 ranked athletes – today 220 athletes reach the index.

The partnership between the government and the International Olympic Committee was announced at a press conference attended by Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga. Brigadier General Isaias Carvalho, Director of the Military Sports Administration, reports to the Ministry of Defense; Brigadier General Marcos Antonio; Marcelo Magalhaes, Special Secretary for Sports, portfolio linked to the Ministry of Citizenship; Marco Antonio Laporta, Vice President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee; And Bruno Souza, Secretary of High Performance Sports.

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The cities where the vaccinations will be distributed to athletes as of today are: Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, as well as Porto Alegre and the Federal District, starting May 17.

Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee is taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the Tokyo Olympics are as safe as possible. This will be the most complex Olympic version of recent times.

Japan announced that, in addition to the daily tests of athletes, it would adopt a confinement method, which would put delegations in bubbles.

We do not have information about vaccination, for example, in Kenya, which has won many gold medals in athletics, and in Iran, which stands out in taekwondo. There is also little data on the immunization of athletes who compete as refugees. What we do know is that the International Olympic Committee will not prevent the participation of athletes who have not been vaccinated and who have not approved quarantines and daily checks.

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