Ocaro Silva was reluctant to get into the net before reprimanding Thiago Levert

Ocaro Silva was reluctant to get into the net before reprimanding Thiago Levert

Icarus Silva He received a barrage of criticism for the way he denied his participation number “BBB 22. The ‘Secret Truths 2’ actor demanded respect for his track and declared his hatred for ‘medium entertainment’, in addition to his plea reality show From “Big Boster Brasil”, change the title of the program.

Icaru’s post made by Thiago Leverett, Hate Twitter, I know It manifests itself on Instagram as “text”Not only did we hurt you, we might have paid your salary the last time!

Thinking what you do best is not based on facts, it’s arrogance.James Leverett.

Leifert and Ícaro have opposing opinions about “BBB”, it’s true, but somehow there is a theme that unites them: fear of social media. The first has already been canceled several times, and this week the second has become the new target.

splash He spoke with the actor recently at a show in El Salvador, “Encontros Tropicais: Frequências do Ghetto,” and talked about his interest in revealing himself in social media.

I was hesitant [em entrar nas redes] Because it’s always an accurate path – Icaro Silva.

Ícaro Silva has angered fans of “BBB”, the country’s most popular reality show.

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Icarus’ dilemma revolved around having to share his life in the networks as if he were in reality Mays: “I don’t feel like talking about my personal life or sharing my personal life because for me everything I make and share art is enough.”

“In a country where we so badly need education and collective responsibility, I realized it’s a way to enhance our development as a nation. I try as much as possible to think collectively and understand my role in this group. I don’t share what I live in my daily life with everyone, but what can be fun.”

Followers of Icarus

By criticizing “BBB”, the actor was able, intentionally or unintentionally, to burst his bubble and reach a large audience. Before that, who were Ocarro Silva’s followers? “The audience that talks to me on the networks are people who are passionate about art and talent.”

I feel thought by an interesting audience.

“I try to choose works that connect me to this audience, but I see that people see me as someone who talks about their references in an artistic sense,” he said.

Until the publication of this text, the actor had about 960 thousand followers on Instagram and 55 thousand followers on Twitter. Faced with fallout from the “BBB” post, he returned to Bird Network: “Guys, I’m really excited that my first group interaction on Twitter is built on hate. Sewers are overflowing.”

He added, “The coolest part is that you know now that I’m not willing to spend a part of my life sharing a room with a mortuary light. Great love.”

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