Nuclear waste should not be buried in the ocean

Nuclear waste should not be buried in the ocean

The United Kingdom is looking for a place to dispose of rubbish and waste resulting from the nuclear plant in Cumbria in northern England, and one of the places the government is considering for disposal is at the bottom of the ocean.

But experts say that burying this type of toxic material could destroy marine life in the short term, in addition to causing a more serious environmental disaster for future generations, according to the organization. Watchman published.

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This situation gained notoriety because the British authorities were going to conduct seismic tests last Saturday (30) – explosions on the ocean floor with high-powered firearms – to determine whether the area on the high seas was safe enough to be eliminated.

But activists and experts spoke out and claimed that this type of testing harms marine life, as it disrupts the mating of mammals, such as dolphins and whales, which are animals with specific communication patterns.

In 2012, Peru conducted a round of seismic tests that resulted in the deaths of nearly 800 dolphins. In addition to marine life, scientists warn that the behavior of nuclear waste is unpredictable, so it is not known what will happen in the long term.

Facing repercussions within the scientific community, Britain told the press that it was seeking a “permanent solution” that would keep this type of radioactive waste safe over the years.

The country has the largest reserve of untreated toxic waste in the world. Among the 750,000 cubic meters of waste, there are 110 tons of plutonium, an element that can have harmful consequences for health if ingested or inhaled.

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