Nubank’s Christmas PIX mystery ends; After all, is it a scam or not?

Nubank’s Christmas PIX mystery ends;  After all, is it a scam or not?

With the end of the year celebrations approaching, many promotions with attractive campaigns and discounts are circulating on the Internet. Whatch out! The criminals took advantage of the victims’ distraction to deliver several strikes. One of them includes the name of the digital bank nubankwith the Fake Christmas promotion🇧🇷 I mean, it’s all a no-brainer. Learn how to protect yourself.

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Many victims have already been reported across Brazil. The reports are similar and prove how criminals acted in an attempt to steal more data from Brazilians. It is a way to access sensitive information and apply more and more scams involving the names of the victims.

Nubank’s Fake Christmas Promotion

Victims reported receiving messages with a picture of Nubank and a fake link. The text indicates that by clicking on the campaign message, a person can receive R$50 through PIX.

All of this is just deception. You have to be careful to notice signs of wrong promotions. Scammers always act the same way.

The messages suggest that people must act quickly because opportunities are few. Therefore, more victims fall, especially when people are indifferent.

In the face of the number of people who fell for the scam, the digital bank has Alerts🇧🇷 Nubank reports, through a statement, that the campaign is a scam and that there is no promotion with the R$50 PIX payment that includes the brand.

The directive is for customers not to click on any message sent via WhatsApp in the name of the digital bank, as this is not common practice at Nubank.

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Criminals only intend to steal customer data. Anyone with questions about any communication involving promotional campaigns, for example, should reach out to the digital bank’s website or app. But never click on any link sent, especially via WhatsApp.

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