Nubank (NU) issues the card limit for the account!

Nubank (NU) issues the card limit for the account!

Hey Nubankknown for its innovations in the world of finance, once again surprises its customers by announcing a feature that promises to bring greater control and practicality to finances.

Now, it is possible to add balance to the current account using a credit card limit, a feature that promises greater flexibility and convenience for enterprise users.

More choices, more flexibility: what's new from Nubank

The new feature, titled “Passa Tudo no Crédito,” allows customers to request a specific amount of money directly through the application.

This amount will be automatically transferred to your current account, in line with the limit available on your credit card. The proposal is to provide a flexible and secure alternative in cases of insufficient account balance, especially in institutions that do not accept credit payments.

Livia Chanis, CEO of Nubank in Brazil, highlights the flexibility offered by the new product, especially for those who do not have easy access to loans. The initiative aims to meet customer needs at critical moments, offering a solution that expands financial capabilities and simplifies expense management in a single channel.

How to use the resource: step by step

To reach the new service, customers must go to the card section of the application and select the “Pass Tudo no Crédito” option. In this section you will find the “Add account balance” function. The next step is to choose the required amount, choose the required number of installments and confirm the operation.

The amount can be paid in up to 12 installments with an average interest rate of 8.5% per month. As with the company's other installment products, users have the option to pay the installments up front, ensuring interest is reduced.

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This financial flexibility gives customers greater control over their obligations and the potential to save on overall service costs.

Innovation in the service of financial comfort

Nubank once again highlights its commitment to innovation by introducing this new feature. In addition to simplifying access to credit, the “Passa Tudo no Crédito” function represents a step forward in Nubank’s mission of offering uncomplicated financial solutions in line with the dynamic needs of its users.

For those seeking greater control over finance And flexibility in resource management, this new feature will definitely be a valuable addition.

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