Nubank just announced a new credit card feature

Nubank just announced a new credit card feature

Nubank has great news for private credit card customers

Hey Nubank Great news for all customers who use one of its most interesting services. Now they have announced more benefits and it is worth paying the monthly fee for this credit card.

This is the deck that uses the premium Ultravioleta card, which will now get even more benefits. For those who don’t use it, it is a method for those who tend to have more purchasing power.

Nubank has great news for customers (Image: Disclosure)

What are these benefits?

  • NuTag: Save time at toll booths and parking queues with the Nubank sign; There are no issuance costs, monthly fees, or need to fill out; NuTag is charged directly to your credit card;
  • UV service: Customers will be served by an exclusive team 24 hours a day – with priority queues for faster support;
  • Family space: A place for users to share the benefits of UV rays with their family members. This feature will also be released gradually to the customer base.
  • Protection Centreo: Users will have an area in the app to manage their security options; The UV service is exclusive and has direct access to 24-hour emergency support; Having Mi Rubram to disconnect the account from the device and block the card;
  • Rabbi Prime:UV users will receive a free monthly fee to use the service.
  • Exclusive application: The Nubank app will have a new look for Ultravioleta users. The new experience includes an exclusive area called “My Ultraviolet Benefits,” where customers can access all their benefits in one place;
  • Unlimited free withdrawals: Users will get unlimited free withdrawals on the network 24 hours a day.
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Nubank has great news for Ultravioleta premium card customers (Image: Disclosure)
Nubank has great news for Ultravioleta premium card customers (Image: Disclosure)

How does NUTAG help drivers in Brazil?

If you’re an Ultraviolet customer and want to join this great new feature, it’s very simple, but first you need to know that NuTag can be used in light vehicles (up to 3.5 tons), commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles (above 3.5 tons).

To request your NuTag, simply access the Nubank app, tap “My Ultraviolet Benefits,” tap “Car and Travel” and select the “NuTag” option.

Nubank has a premium card (Image: Disclosure)
Nubank has a premium card (Image: Disclosure)
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