NRE students set off from Umuarama for Australia on Thursday

NRE students set off from Umuarama for Australia on Thursday

The top seven students from schools at the Regional Education Center (NRE) in Omurama, who were selected last year for the Gain the World programme, set off on Thursday (25) for Australia.

The students, from the municipalities of Omurama, Ikaraima, Alto Paraiso, Ipura and Alto Piqueri, will spend six months in the continental country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They left their cities this morning, heading to Curitiba.

Accompanied by Professor Rosa Monica Matías, an educational technician in charge of the program in the NRE area of ​​Omurama, they will travel by plane to the chosen country. “They are very anxious and full of expectations. It is a very emotional moment to see the students and families saying goodbye. I imagine it is contradictory, a kind of leaving and wanting to stay, leaving and wanting to be together,” the teacher said. UpMedito.

In addition to this group, two others are expected to travel to various destinations in the coming days. On Sunday (28th) it is the turn of students who go to Canada. In total, there will be 9 students from the cities of Omurama, María Helena, Nova Olimpia, Icaraima, Altuña, São Jorge do Patrocinho and Alto Piqueri.

Among the exchange students is Leticia Sassi Ramiro, a student at Colégio Estadual Lucia Alves de Oliveira Schoffen, from Altonia. This morning, UpMedito I spoke with the exchange student's mother, Adriele Sassi, who told a little about her daughter's story of her dedication to her studies and her expectations for the trip.

After Sunday's departure, the next trip will take place on February 7 and 8 when another group of students travel to New Zealand. Winning the World is an exchange program created by the Paraná State Government and offered to students, teachers and tutors from the state's public education network.

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The goal is to provide academic training in foreign institutions, as well as cultural and pedagogical experiences that can later be shared in public schools in Paraná. In total, one thousand students from the state were selected to participate in the exchange

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