North Korea sends 150 balloons filled with garbage and feces to the South

North Korea sends 150 balloons filled with garbage and feces to the South

This step comes in response to sending anti-regime balloons and leaflets to the North, according to South Korean authorities

North Korea has sent more than 150 balloons loaded with feces and garbage to South Korea, the South Korean military said on Wednesday (May 29, 2024). According to Seoul, this is a response to leaflets sent by activists, also with balloons, to North Korean territory.

The first balloons to arrive in South Korea were seen on Tuesday night (May 28) in Gyeongnam Province in the country's southeast. The army said plastic waste, batteries and feces were found.

Seoul attributed this action to Pyongyang. This is because the balloons were sent after North Korea's Deputy Defense Minister, Kim Kang Il, said his country would respond to the sending of anti-regime leaflets.

Retaliatory action will be taken against repeated littering of leaflets and other litter [pela Coreia do Sul] Near the border areasKim said on Sunday (May 26), according to the news agency Korean Central News Agency.

Piles of garbage and dirt will soon be strewn across South Korea's border and interior regions, and you will realize how much effort will be required to remove them.Kim added.

South Korean activists and North Korean defectors have been sending balloons to North Korea for years. The items carried leaflets criticizing the regime and urging North Koreans to rebel. The balloons also carried memory cards containing K-pop music videos, which Pyongyang has banned.

The South Korean army asked residents not to approach the balloons and to contact the police. “These actions by North Korea clearly violate international law and seriously threaten the security of our people“They said.”We strongly warn North Korea that this inhumane and vulgar act must be stopped immediately.

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