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a North Korea It tested a hypersonic missile on Wednesday (5), according to state media reports. This is the first test of its kind to be conducted in 2022 in the country.

Information confirmed after neighbor South Korea Having denounced the launch the day before. South Korea’s National Security Council organized an emergency meeting.

The Korean Central News Agency stated that the missile used in the test carried a “slide hypersonic warhead” that “accurately hit a target at a distance of 700 km”.

The first version of North Korea Since October, highlights the leader’s promise of a new year Kim Jong-un Intensifying military force to confront an unstable international situation amid stalled negotiations with the Arab Republic of Egypt South Korea and the United States.

The heads of the joint countries said that the missile was launched at 8:10 am local time from a continental base over the east coast and into the sea. South Korea (JCS).

A soldier near the border between South Korea and North Korea on January 5, 2022 – Photo: Kim Hong Ji / Reuters

National Security Council South Korea Hold an emergency meeting, expressed concern and held North Korea to return to the negotiating table.

Japan’s defense minister said the ballistic missile flew about 500 km.

“Since last year, North Korea “Rockets have been fired many times, which is very unfortunate,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters.

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