News · Grandpa Marumba? A 93-year-old man with a biological age of 30 becomes the target of the study

News · Grandpa Marumba?  A 93-year-old man with a biological age of 30 becomes the target of the study

Published on 01/22/2024 at 9:52 pm Reproduction/Personal Archive Recorded by Marco Dias

Scientists at the University of Limerick are trying to unravel the secrets behind the vitality of Richard Morgan, a 93-year-old Irish man whose biological age is equivalent to that of someone in his 30s. Information from the Washington Post.

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Morgan, a former factory worker who began his fitness journey at the age of 73, boasts an aerobic performance comparable to that of someone three decades younger, with his body made up of 80% muscle and just 15% fat.

Morgan's career was marked by extraordinary achievements, including the equivalent of nearly 10 world rowing laps and four world rowing championships.

His daily training regimen, which consists of about 40 minutes of rowing, weight training sessions for strengthening and a combination of high- and low-intensity exercises, intrigued the researchers.

Detailed studies of his heart, lungs and muscle activity were carried out, revealing a maximum heart rate of 153 beats per minute, which defies expectations for someone his age.

Bas van Houren, Ph.D. from Maastricht University and one of the study's authors, highlights the importance of studying highly active older people to understand the aging process.

What makes Morgan even more interesting to scientists is the fact that he began his athletic journey at the age of 73, which highlights the positive impact of his high-protein diet on building muscle and maintaining a fast metabolism.

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