New Zealand puts on a light show, and Australia a fireworks display to celebrate the New Year; Watch how 2022 is received around the world | Globalism

The new year has started quietly due to the coronavirus pandemic New Zealand: There was no official Auckland fireworks display, New Zealand. The country presented a light show in place of fireworks.

There was a traditional scene in Australia, with fireworks near Sydney Harbor and the city’s Opera House.

Australians lined up to ensure a good spot to watch the fireworks. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said they should enjoy the evening.

The fireworks display marks the arrival of 2022 in Australia

In Asian countries, parties were abolished or made into smaller versions.

In South Korea, a bell-ringing ceremony has been canceled for the second year in a row. The government recently expanded the rules for social distancing.

in Tokyo, in JapanCelebrations have been banned in Shibuya Prefecture. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida urged people to wear masks and limit the number of visits at home.

employment China There have been cancellations for the holiday season.

In Indonesia, not only are parties expected, but 11 roads are closed.

In countries such as France, UK and Malaysia, where there are usually fireworks in iconic buildings such as the Arc de Triomphe, Big Ben and Petronas Towers, respectively, there will be no parade.

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