New WhatsApp cheat managed to bypass the security password; Know how to protect yourself | Technique

New WhatsApp cheat managed to bypass the security password;  Know how to protect yourself |  Technique
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New WhatsApp scam makes cloning more complicated

One Inflation
Very popular and who won many versions is cloning The WhatsApp

. To protect yourself from this, the most common advice is to activate an Two-factor documentation
Prophet. According to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, however, Hackers
He went further and created a way to circumvent this authentication.

In the company-set coup, criminals summon the victim impersonating the Ministry of Health to conduct a survey on Covid-19
(Note: The call subject might also be different.) The purpose of the call is to get the code sent via SMS to clone a file The WhatsApp
And also in the fraud already known by the Brazilians.

However, if the victim has two-factor authentication, which requires a password to change the device’s WhatsApp account and prevents fraud, then cybercriminals go further. When the fraudster screen asks for the password, he hangs up and makes another call to tell the victim that he is a support person. The WhatsApp
And that the company has identified harmful activity on the account.

Then the criminal requests the victim to access his email and run the double authentication record. Upon entering the email, he finds the victim A. Official WhatsApp message
Entitled “Reset 2-step verification” and a link to disable protection.

“Both the message and the link to recover double authentication are legitimate, that is, they were sent by the owner of the app. In the same way we can request a password recovery in an online store, we can request to restore the double authentication of the app. For messages, in case the password is forgotten. The process is used Social engineering fraud, forcing victims to click on the link received via e-mail, ”explains Fabio Asolini, Kaspersky’s chief security researcher.

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Criminals wait on the line for the person to complete the action. “The idea here is to allow the person to create a new password when the job is activated again. Except that criminals take advantage of the fact that the account is not protected and use the temporary code that was received on the first call to perform the installation on the device and thus follow the coup and contact friends and family to ask for money,” says Fabio . Below, review our tips for not owning yourself WhatsApp clone

  • Enable double authentication on your WhatsApp as follows: Settings> Account> 2-step verification;
  • Be wary of calls requesting codes sent via SMS;
  • Never disable two-factor authentication unless you have forgotten the password yourself and asked to change it.

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