New UK visa facilitates entry for graduates; Understand

New UK visa facilitates entry for graduates;  Understand

Some new rules have expanded access to the UK for thousands of people, including Brazilians. In this way, with the new visa, the opportunity to stay in the country for up to three years. Change eliminates the need for opportunities Work In British companies.

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The new UK visa allows graduates who want to work and live in the country to enter

The United Kingdom (UK) has recently released a new visa model. In that regard, graduates from the world’s top universities can now apply for a document valid for two to three years.

The idea behind this new vision presented by this group of countries is to attract the brightest minds of the world to these lands, but the innovation is only valid for those who have obtained a diploma in the last five years.

How does the new visa work?

Applicants applying for and accrediting the document can stay for two years if they are bachelor or masters. According to doctors, time jumps to three years.

This allows job seekers, for example, to seek other types of long-term visas to ensure continuity of work. The new law opens doors for those who want to live temporarily in the UK or spend their entire lives in questionable countries.

However, to access the new visa model, the person must have studied at one of the top universities in the world, and it must appear in the rankings for at least two years. The UK government has released a list of university names that make it easy to verify.

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Although no Brazilian institution is on the list of the best institutions in the world, this does not preclude Brazilians from applying because the key requirement is where the students graduated, not where they were born.

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