New PIX rules announced

New PIX rules announced

Recently, the Brazilian Central Bank published activation rules Auto pixelIt is a system that promises to revolutionize the way recurring payments are processed in the country. This innovative and flexible mechanism will allow for automatic and simplified management of consumption and subscription account debts.

How Pix Automático works is straightforward: It acts as a recurring debt tool, automatically deducting amounts directly from the user's account, without requiring authentication for each payment. This service aims to pay bills for regular consumption, such as water, electricity and telephone, as well as school fees and various subscriptions, and promises more practical application to the daily life of Brazilians.

For businesses, Pix Automático represents an opportunity to reduce operating costs and defaults, while leveraging Pix's existing infrastructure. For consumers, the ease of making payments automatically is ensured by obtaining prior authorization in a secure and easy-to-manage digital environment.

The Central Bank has decided that compliance with the Pix Automático system will be mandatory for participants as of October 28, 2024. Institutions that do not comply with this commitment will be subject to fines, underscoring the importance of this new resource in the national financial system.

The main rules of automatic pixelation:

  1. Select flights for prior authorization by the user
  2. Controls for canceling the automatic debit license
  3. Strict rules for rejecting and settling transactions
  4. Accessible features to manage each user individually
  5. Return regulations and responsibilities in case of errors
  6. The daily limit set for linked transactions

Expected effects:

Analysts believe that Pix Automático will be a catalyst for further digitalization of payments in Brazil, making the daily lives of people and businesses more practical. This shift reflects the continuous evolution of Pix, which is strengthening itself as a payment method that is highly relevant in the current economic scenario.

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As the implementation date approaches, it is recommended that consumers and businesses familiarize themselves with the system and prepare for a new era of digital payments in Brazil. Thanks to the practicality and security promised by Pix Automático, the country is on its way to being at the forefront of global payment solutions.

For more information, interested parties should follow updates on the Central Bank portal and consult with their financial institutions for clarification of doubts and guidance on the process of joining Pix Automatic.

The future of BEX in the national financial scenario:

In addition to the Pix Automatic and Pix Scheduled features, more new features are expected that will continue to improve and enhance financial transactions. Continuous improvement of the system promises major transformations in the way we make payments, benefiting both payers and recipients.

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