Netizens are thrilled about the arrival of the shaman in the movie “Renascer”

Netizens are thrilled about the arrival of the shaman in the movie “Renascer”

Shamanthe singer and actor, finally made his appearance on Tuesday (20) in Reborn. In a conspiracy Bruno Leberihe is the Damienmysturious person.

In the scene, Shaman He appears riding a horse and frightens children playing in the square. Netizens were happy with the artist's appearance. “Xamä and Vladmir Brichta appeared in Renascer, I can't believe I'm going to have to start watching the series every night.”said one fan.


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At the press conference for the series Shaman He gave more details about his character. “Symbolic, with many layers, and very intense with two loves. What I credit him most with is the intensity of the poet.

The actor also emphasized that it was not an easy road to get into a prime-time television series. “It has always been my dream to work in drama and cinema. It took a long time, but it was delicious. […] Damiao allowed me to express myself in different ways.”Comment.

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