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If you like thrillers, then Netflix It’s the perfect platform to find the best features of the genre! From critically acclaimed successes to relatively unknown projects, through independent productions and international successes, the streaming service offers projects to suit every taste.

One of the great assets of the platform is the fact that Netflix To display catalog films and series from different countries, allowing subscribers to view the narrative style of the most diverse regions.

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Recently, the film, which mixes elements of suspense with science fiction themes, has started to be a hit with fans of Netflix.

Check out all about the movie below. beyond the horizon!

beyond the horizon It is an action science fiction thriller film produced and directed by Liam O’Donnell, in his first project as a director.

The film is a sequel to Skyline: The Invasion, a film that was first released in 2010. However, the events of the film occur concurrently with those of the first film.

In the midst of an alien invasion of Earth, the plot revolves around survival, overcoming restrictions and a lot of conflict.

beyond the horizon Focuses on the story of brave detective Mark Corley, who invades a spaceship to rescue his missing son.

When the ship lands in Southeast Asia, the protagonist forms an unexpected alliance with a group of survivors, whose goal is to regain control of Earth and expel invaders once and for all.

With a production budget of just under $1 million, the film grossed over $20 million in its global showing.

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Regarding monetary approval, beyond the horizon It was “midway”. The film was not criticized by experts, but it did not impress expert critics either.

beyond the horizon It received 67% approval, indicating that most critics liked the film. The audience shares the same opinion: 70% of Googlers liked the movie.

The success of the film enabled the production of a third chapter of the Skyline trilogy, released in 2020.

beyond the horizon He has a staff made up mainly of TV actors and newcomers to the movie world. A large portion of the film’s budget went to special effects and alien design.

Frank Grillo, known for playing the villain Cross Bones in the MCU films, plays Detective Mark Corley. the hero of the story beyond the horizon He is also the father of Trent and Rose.

Bojana Novakovic (Birds of Prey) plays Audrey, a brave woman who works in Los Angeles traffic.

Johnny Weston (forked) plays Trent Corley, Mark’s biological son and Rose’s custodial brother. Rose is played by Lindsey Morgan, the raven from The 100.

Indonesian actor Iku Uwais (Wu Assassins) plays Sua, the leader of the human resistance movement. Other resistance members are played by Pamelin Chi (Boogie) and Yayan Rohyan (Star Wars).

Betty Gabriel, from Westworld and Run! Long live LAPD Agent Jones.

cast beyond the horizon Completed by Antonio Vargas (Starsky & Hutch), Jacob Vargas (The Mentalist), Samantha Jean (Vesper), and Tony Black (Crush).

He was curious to check out his plot beyond the horizon? The movie is now available on Netflix; Check out the trailer below!

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