Netflix wants to add GTA to the subscription to attract gamers’ attention

Netflix wants to add GTA to the subscription to attract gamers’ attention

Broadcast giant Netflix It is expanding its horizons in the world of gaming. The company is reportedly looking to bolster its existing gaming offerings, which are mostly focused on mobile devices, by introducing “cutting-edge” titles into its subscription catalog. One of the big moves under discussion is licensing a title from the popular series grand theft auto.

Netflix’s entry into the gaming world is not recent. In November 2021, the company released five titles for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded and played as part of a subscription. Since then, its catalog of games has grown dramatically, now standing at over 70 games.

Expansion and development in the gaming world

In addition to notable acquisitions including Spry Fox – the Triple Town that it Cozy Grove – Developer the walking Dead For mobile devices, next games, and builder OxenfreeNight School Studio, Netflix is ​​also exploring other exciting opportunities in the world of gaming.

One of the most important steps under discussion is licensing a title from the popular series grand theft autoWhich demonstrates the level of commitment to providing high-quality content to its subscribers.

The company’s ambition in the world of games became clearer with the announcement, last November, of the establishment of a new studio in Los Angeles. Led by former executive producer of Observation and controlshako sony, The goal is to create a high-quality third-person RPG for PC.

A recent Wall Street Journal report provided more details about the organization’s plans, noting that it is moving to expand its offerings to include high-end titles that can be streamed from televisions or personal computers.

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Future challenges and strategies

source: Netflix

Netflix believes that a more significant presence in this segment will help attract new subscribers and retain existing ones by giving them something to enjoy between seasons of their favorite shows. This strategy appears to be paying off, albeit slowly. The Wall Street Journal cited data showing downloads of the company’s games increased from 30.4 million to 70.5 million last year.

However, there are challenges. Less than 1% of the streaming platform’s 238 million subscribers play the available titles every day. Additionally, the current process, which requires users to download it from their app stores, results in a significant decline in engagement. The company is testing game porting to make access to its service more flexible.

In short, it is moving quickly to establish itself in the world of high-end gaming. With discussions about licensing a title from the series JTA By expanding its catalog, it is clearly looking for new ways to engage and expand its user base.

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