Netflix paid $21 million for the series, says website

Netflix paid $21 million for the series, says website

Series audience record Round 6 (where squid game) for only $21.4 million. Information posted by Bloomberg. Chain value was used to compare with investment Netflix not special Dave Chappellewhich would have cost $24.1 million.

the closest It was criticized after various communities were attacked by the acronym LGBTQ+. Trans Netflix engineer suspended after criticizing production. The company claims that the decision has nothing to do with it. For this reason, the report decided to increase broadcast investment in various productions.

Other successful products of the service, the crown NS Weird things They cost about $10 and $8 million an episode, respectively, according to a magazine report. diverse.

in a plot Round 6Hundreds of citizens with financial problems are chosen to participate in a game of survival where they compete for a cash prize. create the Dong Hyuk Hwang count with Jung Jae Lee NS Lee Byung Hyun In the cast, among others.

NS Omelette now has a channel on cable! Participate to receive and discuss major cultural news pop (

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