Netanyahu negotiates prison escape deal

Jerusalem – Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He negotiates a plea bargain to escape from prison and end his corruption trial. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, Dr Israel And two sources involved in the talks, may announce the court’s terms before the end of the month.

The deal involves pleading guilty, in some cases, in exchange for mitigating the charges, which would likely mean a community service sentence.

Netanyahu is charged with fraud, breach of trust and bribery in three separate cases. He denies all charges against him. What will block the deal is the inclusion of a charge of “moral corruption” that bars the former prime minister from holding political office for seven years under Israeli law.

The final deal would spare Netanyahu a long and embarrassing trial that would focus the country’s attention and could taint his legacy. A spokesman for Netanyahu declined to comment.

The inclusion of the charge of “moral corruption” runs counter to Netanyahu’s pledge to return to government after his 12-year term expired last year against a coalition of disparate parties that have little in common in the former premier’s opposition. Prime Minister.

But Netanyahu, who has managed to resist several attempts to remove him from power, may return when the veto expires. He will be around 80 years old./ Reuters ESP

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