Nemo Point: Discover the most remote place on Earth

Nemo Point: Discover the most remote place on Earth

farthest place on earth, Point Nemo is a mystery located in the South Pacific OceanIt is located about 2,688 kilometers from Antarctica and is surrounded by small oceanic islands, including Dosi, Pitcairns, Motu Nui and Maher.

Also known as the Pole of Pacific Inaccessibility, its name means “nobody” in Latin. Its specific coordinates are 48°52.6’S 123°23.6’W. These numbers put him at the extreme level of loneliness. Where humans rarely take risks. But what is so mysterious and dangerous about this remote point on Earth? This is what you will discover next!

5 things you need to know about Nemo Point

The loneliest place on earth

The isolation of Punto Nemo is incomparable. With an area of ​​2,688 square kilometres, this desolate place covers 22 million square kilometres. Its area is about 35 times the size of France.

Its closest neighbor, Easter Island, is more than 3,090 kilometers away, while the nearest permanent settlement is only 415 kilometers away, which is the orbital path of the International Space Station, which it orbits several times daily.

Spaceship Cemetery

Its extraordinary isolation serves a unique purpose within the international space community. Designated as A Spaceship Cemetery.

Space debris, including satellites and spacecraft, is directed back into Earth’s atmosphere around Point Nemo. This strategy ensures the safe disposal of these objects when diving into the ocean, reducing risks to populated areas.

Point Nemo is also known as the “Pacific Pole of Inaccessibility.”source: Wikimedia Commons

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

In 1992, Croatian-Canadian engineer Hrvoj Lukatila made history by discovering Point Nemo. He used sophisticated computer simulations to locate the inaccessible offshore pole, earning him the honor of being named.

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Punto Nemo is a tribute to Captain NemoThe character in the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne.

The exact location of Point Nemo.The exact location of Point Nemo.source: Noah

Dead and polluted water

Point Nemo’s isolation extends beneath the waves. It is located in the South Pacific Gyre, an ocean current that prevents nutrient-rich water from entering.

The flow of nutrients from coastal areas rarely reaches this desolate place, resulting in a barren marine space. The researchers found only bacteria and small cancers in volcanic fissures around the sea floor.

However, pollution left its mark. In 2018, seawater samples were collected near Point Nemo It revealed up to 26 microplastic particles per cubic metre, demonstrating the lasting extent of human impact.

The image above is a visual representation of an unusually loud sound, called a Bloop, captured by deep-sea microphones in 1997.The image above is a visual representation of an unusually loud sound, called a Bloop, captured by deep-sea microphones in 1997.source: Noah, Sosus

The secret of confusion

In 1997, a strange sound, later dubbed a “bloop,” echoed near Point Nemo, confusing researchers. Scientists have assumed this It could be a call of an unknown sea creature.

In 2005, the mystery was solved when the sound was attributed to non-tectonic ice tremors caused by glacial movements in Antarctica.

Point Nemo remains an example of human ingenuity, our cosmic curiosity, and the deep mysteries our planet is still trying to unravel, making it an enigma for both its isolation and the wonders it offers.

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