Navy captain creates confusion by sending soldiers to SUS

Navy captain creates confusion by sending soldiers to SUS

On Monday (22) morning, the Paraná River Port Authority, in a statement to military personnel and their families beneficiaries of the Navy Health System, informed that the institution faces “serious financial constraints” and therefore asked users to seek very complex care services in the Unified Health System (SUS). ). The memorandum was signed by the commander of the frigate Edicio Raymundo de Assis Junior (see full text Note here).

If that's not enough, the memo also notes that “strict oversight will be implemented by OMFM over all emergency services carried out in January 2024, and if procedures are found to have been incorrectly classified as emergency/urgent, administrative processes will be opened for investigation.” In responsibilities.”

In other words, the law still promises to punish anyone who makes unjustified use of the military health system, the news was first published in Military Association websiteIt caused negative repercussions among the military ranks and, according to sources, led to the issuance of another memorandum canceling the previously published memorandum (look here).

The sources consulted by the article indicate that the captain's removal from his position is a foregone conclusion, mainly due to negative repercussions and unnecessary “exposure” at a particularly sensitive time for the Navy, which is complaining of budgetary difficulties.

It is not known whether the soldier will be dismissed or transferred to another job.

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