Naturismo: “Walking naked gives me a feeling of freedom” | Long live the

Naturismo: "Walking naked gives me a feeling of freedom" |  Long live the

The lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have made many people re-discover the joy of exploring nature when they have the opportunity to leave their homes. But are you thinking of doing it naked?

Naturalism, generally defined as the practice of walking without clothes, can be controversial, depending on the culture and where the person is coming from.

Donna Price and her husband John, both naturalists from the United Kingdom, have been walking naked outdoors, when weather permits, during the pandemic.

She and her husband say the people they met on the way, most of the time, were not shocked at all – Photo: J&D Price

“A great sense of liberation and freedom”

In an interview with the BBC, Price encouraged those interested in learning more about nature to try it, but not in winter.

“I went for a walk [num dia frio de janeiro] And it was well wrapped. I can confirm. ”

But during the hottest months of the UK lockdown last year, she went on long walks with her husband across the country.

“There is a great sense of liberation and freedom when you truly experience nature.”

Price is used for normal housework – Photo: J&D Price

“You have to feel comfortable in your own skin, so you do (striptease) at home, maybe in your garden, if you can.”

“Get comfortable with yourself. In fact, I start to feel that nudity feels like a normal thing, what I mean is that to me, apparently.”

The laws regarding how and what someone should wear in public vary greatly around the world.

Although public nudity is illegal in some countries, where it is permitted, there are usually guidelines or rules that nudists must follow.

Price was naked at home when she gave an interview to the BBC – Photo: G&D Price

Nudity in public places in the UK is not considered a crime, unless there is evidence that the dressed person is intended to cause suffering, panic or discontent.

Price posts pictures of the daily life of her and her husband on her social media profile. The photos show the couple meeting with friends (dressed and before closing), doing housework, cooking at home, swimming in the sea, and hiking in the woods, without clothes.

She and her husband came across a nudist beach in New Zealand during a 2010 vacation. That was when they discovered the nudists.

She loves to experience nature without the strings of clothes – Photo: J&D Price

And she never tires of asserting that naturalness has nothing to do with sex.

“Travel, food, swimming, socializing, nature … all the normal things a middle-aged woman likes! Pornography is forbidden!” – He says his biography on Twitter.

When driving, the only seat belt attachment is – Photo: J&D Price

Price is a volunteer with Nature British and the leader of the Women in Nature campaign.

You realize that nudism may not be for everyone and that there is a stigma around public nudity.

But she is an advocate of building the confidence that comes with walking and swimming naked, and she’s also surprisingly understands the audience’s reactions.

“Most of the responses you get when you meet the general public are, in fact, very encouraging.”

“They’re not ‘in shock, terrified,’ for the most part, I can vouch for that.”

She loves to travel to beach places and swim nude in the sea – Photo: J&D Price

“A lot of people say ‘good morning’ and go ahead.”

“Some people say, ‘Wow, you’re braver than me, if it’s a little cold. ”

“Others will only say, ‘I really hope I do. “And usually we just say, ‘You can do that! ”

“We love to feel in harmony with nature.”

“If you haven’t tried to be nude in nature or outdoors when you feel the warm air all over your skin that feels lovely. It really is.”

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