NASA’s helicopter flight to the surface of Mars has been postponed after a test failed; Understand Science and health

NASA's helicopter flight to the surface of Mars has been postponed after a test failed;  Understand  Science and health

a NASA Did not achieve its goal of conducting Prowess first helicopter flight at Mars. The flight was scheduled to take place on Friday (9), and the flight was delayed after US Space Agency personnel identified problems with the flight control program.

The malfunction was detected during a high-speed test of the helicopter’s rotors. The purpose of the scan was to see if they could reach the required cruise speed of 2,400 rpm. The versatility has already passed previous tests.

Over the weekend, the agency was dedicated to solving the problem. According to experts, it will be necessary to update the software, but the device does not suffer from malfunctions in other chassis and management points.

“Innovation remains intact on the surface of Mars,” NASA said. “Vital functions such as energy, communication and thermal control are stable.”

The photo shows a NASA Innovation Helicopter unlocking the rotor blades, allowing them to rotate freely, on April 7. Photo: NASA

According to the agency, the amendments to the itinerary will be reviewed until Wednesday (14). A detailed timetable is still under preparation and the team is planning to set a new date for navigation next week.

The agency said: “Our best estimate of the planned flight date is flexible now, but we are working to reach those milestones and we will set a date for the trip next week.”

NASA publishes video of a persistent robot landing on Mars

at February 18, Robot of Perseverance An Ingenuity helicopter landed together on Mars, seven months after the mission left the United States. On April 3, the helicopter, which is powered by solar energy, will be powered by the Red Planet Sun for the first time.

Since starting preparation procedures on Mars, Ingenuity has undergone a series of pre-flight tests and passed all but the sixth (9) tests.

Dexterity has a number of flight limitations: The helicopter uses a lot of batteries and needs to heat up in the sun to recharge, flying at night is not an option – because darkness makes navigation difficult – and the helicopter relies on a camera to monitor the ground. Therefore, the best times for your trip is noon or afternoon.

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