NASA will broadcast a live helicopter flight on the surface of Mars. See how to watch

Helicóptero Ingenuity Mars
Journey dates may change as engineers work on deployments
Photo: NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California Institute of Technology / Arizona State University

a NASA It announced Saturday (10) that it will postpone the first attempt to maintain controlled flight and engines on another planet with Helicopter, Creation of Mars For April 14th.

The flight, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday (11), was canceled based on “data from the helicopter that arrived at the space agency on Friday (9)”.

“During the high-speed rotor rotation test on Friday, the command sequence controlling the test ended earlier due to the expiration date of the” observation “timer, NASA said in a statement.” This happened when the helicopter was trying to move the flight computer from pre-flight mode. ” To “flying” mode. The car is safe and hygienic, and it has taken its full measurements to the ground. ”

According to NASA, “The monitoring timer monitors the command sequence and alerts the system to any potential problems.” “This helps the system to be safe by not following up if a problem is noticed and working as planned. The helicopter team is reviewing the telemetry to diagnose and understand the problem. Then, they will reschedule the full speed test,” he explains. .

Oh ingenuity

The ingenuity reached the Jezero de Mars crater on February 18th, attached to the belly of the persistent rover. The scheduled time for the helicopter flight test is 31 days, which equates to 30 days on Mars.

The rover will provide support during flight operations, image acquisition, environmental data collection and host the base station that allows the helicopter to communicate with mission controllers on the ground.

An illustration of the perseverance of drilling through rocks to collect samples from Mars
An illustration of the perseverance of drilling through rocks to collect samples from Mars
Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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