NASA helicopter takes a picture of Rocky Hill on Mars

NASA helicopter takes a picture of Rocky Hill on Mars

A NASA innovation helicopter flight has yielded some previously unseen images of the surface of Mars. Images from US space agency equipment show a pile covered with rocks.

This flight of creativity was taken at an altitude of 8 meters, which is slightly lower than previous NASA instrument flights. The pictures were taken while the device was 5 meters away from the site.

Scientists from the US agency named the area Faillefeu, in reference to a medieval monastery located in the French Alps. The helicopter captured high-resolution color images of the site during its thirteenth flight on the Red Planet.

The images reveal that the mound is about 10 meters wide and surrounded by rocks. The photos also show the top of a hill with a width of about 900 meters.

A three-dimensional image of the place was also created, which can be better visualized using certain glasses. According to a statement reveal By NASA, it was created by a combination of two other images taken from the hill.

Ingenuity landed on Mars in February of this year and made its first autonomous flight in April. His goal on the Red Planet is to examine the surface of the site and search for records of ancient life.

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