NASA and the image of the year

NASA and the image of the year

NASA publishes daily in location Unusual images of space. The “astrophotograph,” as it is called, caught everyone’s attention with a plane and its condensation paths next to the crescent moon. This photo was taken by photographer Junaid Patel, and was taken in early November in Bolton, UK, after sunrise.

Due to the lighting, the original white color of the plane’s paths turned red. The explanation is that the large volume of air in the atmosphere towards the rising sun led to the scattering of blue light, while the plane’s emissions reflected sunlight. Paths called condensation paths are formed as a result of water changing from a gaseous state to a liquid state coming from the engine exhaust.

NASA wrote in the image description. “clarification: No, the moon is not a bow, nor does it shoot out a plane like an arrow. What is depicted is an informal overlay. Hey Effect An airplane would normally appear white, but the large volume of air heading toward the rising sun preferentially pushes blue light away, not just creating blue light. the sky is blue but giving the reflected path a Red color Shining. In the distance, far beyond From the plane the Crescent moon It also looks a little reddish. He was arrested at the beginning of last month Bolton , United kingdom The featured photo was taken just after sunrise, with the sun illuminating the plane from below, as well as its wake. In a few minutes, unfortunately, The impromptu show ended in heaven . The plane disappeared from sight. a moon It continued to rise, but became difficult to see through the clear sky. And the Effect “It gradually dispersed.”

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Source: APOD and NASA

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