Nanda Costa displays the belly of a pregnant twin next to his wife

Nanda Costa displays the belly of a pregnant twin next to his wife

Actress Nanda Costa was charmed when her beautiful pregnant belly appeared next to his wife Lan because

actress Nanda Costa Enchanted by showing his beautiful pregnant belly alongside his percussionist wife Lan Lan. Nanda is pregnant with twins, but she did not tell the names of the children.

Nanda Costa He looks pretty serious for six months and dances alongside his wife. When viewing the record, the actress made a reversal. She said, “I know that it is difficult to maintain joy and belief in a better future with such atrocities and disregard on the part of the authorities that (not) govern our country! Here we continue to try to avert deep sorrow and preserve hope for better days. I believe in men, and I have two more at my mercy.” As our giant Fernanda Montenegro said, “From the ashes, we will be born again. The eternal return is sacred. Think. Popular atti! “.

Many celebrities praised the actress’s record alongside his wife. “Oh you!” commented digital influencer Foquinha. “Lindisas,” said actress Maria Padilla. “Lindeusas!” Actress Malu Rodrigues also said. Actress Heluisa Percy also commented: “My lovely four.”

As the actor Rafael Infante said: “Beautiful! You are the best world.” Actress Giovanna Lancelotti also commented, “Oh my gosh.”

Netizens were also complimenting them Nanda CostaAnd his wife Lan he and his twin. “How cute, Nanda! God bless your children!” One netizen also commented: “Axé! If we lose hope, things lose their meaning. And please truly sacred! Beautiful axé! For the four of you!”.

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One netizen also stated: “I keep vibrating positive energy for you! You are so beautiful!”. One netizen commented, “May God always bless you and the lives of these two princesses!” One netizen also stated: “How much these kids have grown has not been written down! Come on kids, this world is yours!”.

Launch Instagram Nanda Costa is pregnant with his wife because because

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