My mother’s grandchildren

My mother’s grandchildren

Viih Tube, former participant of “BBB 21”Today, he announced that his biggest dream is motherhood. The YouTuber intends to have “three or four children.”

“My biggest dream has nothing to do with my career, to be a mother,” the former sister told Extra. “I want to build a huge family, have three or four children, and fill my mother with grandchildren.”

When talking about your experience on “BBB 21 “And the reputation of not taking a shower, that’s evident.

“Honestly, I was lazy. The bathroom is empty, the house is so frozen, the cameras are looking at you, and you try to clean yourself and think that the whole Brazil is watching you … But I never slept without washing inside the reserved (bathroom), with a healthy shower, she was peacefully naked and immortalized. To sleep. It was enough to bath the cats, “she recalls.

Regarding friendship with Juliet, Viih asserts that everything he lived in Reality show He was honest.

“Juliet was always a stepdaughter to me there. But if I felt what I felt and didn’t speak, I would be wrong. I agree our friendship is toxic over time, but we do come to an agreement, and what happened on the inside is inside. If she wants to continue to be my friend, then I will be. Happy. If she wants to get away, I will understand. I just want good memories of “BBB”, and I have a lot with it, “she pointed out.

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