“My intention was only to reveal.”

“My intention was only to reveal.”

Rafa Caliman remembers how he met Alan Souza Lima Reproduction

It took a few months for Rafa Kaliman to start his romantic relationship with Alan Souza Lima. And now, they're more attached than ever. The actress who appeared on the air of the program “Família é tudo” does not remember, but her first meeting with the actor was on her birthday.

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“We joked that he waited for me without me knowing. And vice versa. For him, our first date was on my surprise birthday, but I was engaged,” Rafa Kaliman recalls in an Instagram video of the party. April 2023.

The couple was at a bar in Javea, in the southern region of Rio

Alan adds:

“A mutual friend of ours invited me to one of her friends' parties. I got there, and it was Rafa Caliman's birthday. I fell in love with her, and my friend said Rafa couldn't do that. We met again in Rio.” Alan said: “After the movie was over, we went to a party, and when we realized it, we were next to each other. I remember gently putting my arm on her arm, and counting for three seconds.

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What could have been a scene for a TV series was quickly cut short. The actor disappeared. But it stayed in Rafa's head.

Rafa said: “He touched my arm and did not do anything else. I started looking for him. I wanted to know who he was. My intention was just to kiss, but I realized that there was more to exchange.”

The mutual friend immediately tried to get the couple together at a fancy restaurant.

“After that, Rafa asked me to go to karaoke and billiards,” Alan said. “I asked him: ‘Do you like that?’” Rafa added: “I love it. And I was able to be myself on our first date.”


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