Murillo Benicio is 50 years old and travels to Fernando de Noronha with his son

Murillo Benicio is 50 years old and travels to Fernando de Noronha with his son

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Fifty years youngest in the celebrity world, Murillo Benicio decided to take off today to enjoy his birthday with a trip with his 24-year-old son Antonio Benicio to Fernando de Noronha, in the Pernambuco archipelago.

Through stories on Instagram, actress Alessandra Negrini’s eldest son shared with fans a flick alongside his dad enjoying the beach.

“50 years (50 years),” Ibn Morello wrote in the publication.

In addition to Antonio, Murillo Benicio is also the father of 16-year-old Pietro Antonelli Benicio, as a result of his relationship with actress Giovanna Antonelli.

Murillo Benicio enjoying the beach on his birthday

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“The actor does not want to be named”

After “Mother’s Love”, Murilo Benício has once again been the subject of social media. Many of the production audience called him “The Heart”, and he told the Novella das 9 podcast that he turned down the title he was given.

“The story of the lover I’ve always fought against,” said Murillo Benicio, 49. “People represented don’t want to be labeled specifically to be able to do many different things,” he explained.

“I took this thing out of my heart and put some humorous things where I could, some things that weren’t necessarily heartwarming so I wouldn’t imprison myself, because this is a prison,” the actor concluded.

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