Mrs. Dimitrisko’s face actress disguises the character

Mrs. Dimitrisko’s face actress disguises the character

Resident Evil Village The internet conquered, in large part thanks to the villain’s presence Mrs. Alsina Dimitrisko, The vampire who is about three meters high and who becomes the main face of this story. To celebrate the fans’ reaction to the match, Helena MankawaskaThe actress of the character’s face did a costume job to honor the opponent.

In your InstagramTalking about the experience, Mankawaska shared three pictures featuring Dimitrisco.

“I am very pleased to be able to finally share this news with you,” He said in one of the posts. “As many had already discovered even before the release of RE8, some time ago my face was digitally captured of the long-loved vampire lady and mother. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful community, a family that welcomed me with many kind words. I promise I will do my best to continue this journey with you. ”

The first two shows only feature the cosplay’s silhouette, highlighting the extravagant outfit of the punk.

The third finally shows the face that was immortalized in RE8. paying off:

A video clip of the actress walking around town dressed as Dimitrisco was also posted on her Instagram:

What do you think about Dimitrisco in the game? And my cosplay? Suspension!

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