Mr. Moreira surprises an elderly woman who heard him recite Psalm 91 488 times · TV News

Mr. Moreira surprises an elderly woman who heard him recite Psalm 91 488 times · TV News

Sid Moreira surprised an elderly woman who listened to him for 1,511 minutes on Spotify in 2023. In the retrospective conducted by the music platform, the journalist’s fan heard him recite Psalm 91 488 times. The 96-year-old broadcaster thanked the lady for her affection on Thursday (30).

On Wednesday (29), music streaming platform Spotify launched Wrapped for 2023, a tool that displays a review of the artists and songs most listened to by subscribers during the year.

A profile on X – formerly Twitter – identified as Guigo, revealed that because of his grandmother, Cid Moreira was the most frequented person on his account on the app. “My grandmother’s over-focus on Psalm 91 has ruined my Spotify,” Gigo posted.

Moreira posted a video thanking the fan for the platform’s profile. “Spotify Brasil asked me to record this video to thank your grandmother for the 1,511 minutes she spent listening to Psalm 91 that she told me. A kiss to everyone, to your grandmother, and also a hug to Spotify Brasil,” he said.

The message fascinated netizens. “Best thing I’ve seen today,” one profile commented. “Very nice,” Mary praised. “I listen to Cid every day, just on YouTube, as soon as I wake up. I love listening to the Bible in his voice,” David said.

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