Mouse sees “ingratitude” in Scheherazade: “Silvio brought you out of Paraiba” – 04/24/2021

Mouse sees "ingratitude" in Scheherazade: "Silvio brought you out of Paraiba" - 04/24/2021

In a biased comment, made on his radio show, broadcaster Ratino criticized journalist Rachel Scheherazade for her decision to file a labor lawsuit against SBT.

Ratino, who is also a businessman and owner of a telecoms network in Parana, realizes that Scheherazade should be grateful to Silvio Santos, who “brought her out of the dark where I was,” referring to TV Tamba, a subsidiary of SBT in Paraíba, and brought her to São Paulo.

“It’s a pity that we have to see this, right. Sorry, Rachel, but for the love of God. I was there in Paraíba, hidden, I made a comment about Carnival. Silvio Santos liked the comment, pulled you out of the darkness where you were, brought you to São Paulo, and paid a hefty salary. At least fifty times as much as I earned in Paraíba. And suddenly, in colossal disgust, you do something like this. You are very ugly, Shahrazad. “

The show was commented on last Monday (19), but was only made public on Friday (23) after the release of an excerpt from Ratino’s speech. The presenter continued, “I think that the worst and only flaw that shows a bad character is ingratitude. Unfortunately, you are not grateful.”

Thirdly, Ratineau referred to the state of Scheherazade before the closure: “He left Paraíba, came to live in Alphaville because of SBT. Silvio Santos took care of you all this time. Suddenly, he decided to change, I decided to file a lawsuit. You fight with me, come in. Here the fight is good.

Scheherazade did not comment on Ratino’s letter, but repeated several comments critical of the presenter on his personal Twitter page.

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This is the second acidic comment Ratinho recently made about his colleagues in SBT. At the start of the month, after Dudu Camargo had complained about the station in an interview with Pânico, Ratino said, “It would be very annoying. The man would speak such nonsense. If I were Silvio, I would have put my ass feet. I forgot that Silvio only loves him.”

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