Mount's First Lady celebrates achievements of visually impaired students in UK exchange program » Sports and News

Mount's First Lady celebrates achievements of visually impaired students in UK exchange program » Sports and News

On Tuesday (27.02), student Lavinia Real dos Santos, who has a visual impairment, was surprised by the results of the second edition of the “MT in the World” program. It is approved and will exchange within 21 days in England (UK). The person who broke the news was Governor Mauro Mendes, via video call, leaving parents, teachers and colleagues emotional.

The 15-year-old student is in her first year at Escola Estadual Professor Nilo Beauvois and will be the first visually impaired person to be exchanged in England. I participated in the selection through Plataforma MaisEnglish, along with other selected students, and obtained four certificates with an average of 95.

MT's first lady, Virginia Mendez, an exchange program ambassador, knows Lavinia's history. She congratulated the student and spoke of her pride in her achievement and the inspiration it represents.

“She worked hard, competed on equal terms with students from all over the state and secured her place, as one of the top achievers in the English subject, with the help of smart glasses provided by the state. Congratulations, Lavinia! Your achievement is inspiring and a source of great pride. “Keep shining and inspiring everyone around you with your amazing path,” said Virginia Mendez.

The student's mother, Regan Real de Matos, says she always motivated her daughter to be independent, but according to her, she never imagined her daughter would go this far. “There were a lot of tears, fearing failure and not being able to do it. But I didn't let that get me down. Then I wiped her tears and told her: You will succeed while I am here. There is no disability that defines you or prevents you from moving forward. “But I didn’t think it would go this far.”

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The student's mother thanked Governor and First Lady Virginia Mendez. “I offer my sincere thanks to Governor Mauro Méndez and dear First Lady Virginia Méndez for their care and love for the people of Mato Grosso. And in particular, the care and affection for my daughter Lavinia. May God bless your lives abundantly,” Regan thanked Matos.

“For young people to know how to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this government. Donna Virginia, you are a light, an example of love and dedication. You live in our hearts,” the student’s mother added.

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The preliminary list of 100 students approved to participate in the second edition of the Mato Grosso State Exchange Program was released on Tuesday morning (27). The state's investments in the program amount to 7 million Brazilian riyals. The selected students are from the state education network in 51 municipalities. The students will remain in England for 21 days, where they will participate in an English language course of 30 weekly 40-minute lessons, depending on their level of language proficiency. The date will still be determined by the State Ministry of Education (Seduc-MT).

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